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Ginsberg Agency: Nassau County and Suffolk County Business and Commercial Insurance

Business owners need vehicle insurance just as they would with their personal vehicle. Business vehicles are commonly classified incorrectly by insurance carriers who may not be aware of the actual usage. For example, sometimes private passenger vehicles are rated incorrectly as commercial vehicles. It’s wise to talk to a business insurance agency about the best approach to vehicle insurance for business or commercial uses.

Business auto insurance policy needs vary, depending on the radius of driving, weight and use of the vehicle, driving record, and other factors that directly determine premiums. A business insurance agent knows what questions to ask in order to determine the right type of commercial insurance policy needed.

Yes, major business insurance coverage is often the same but business vehicle policies do differ in several aspects. Your commercial vehicle insurance agent can help you determine all of the variables so that you’re well informed and adequately insured. Commercial insurance quotes are available from Ginsberg Agency, serving Nassau County and Suffolk County, NY, with no obligation.

General Liability Insurance Policies

Let’s face it – we live in a litigious society. It is imperative for businesses to protect themselves from liability suits with adequate limits and proper coverage. Talk to an insurance agent today about your business insurance to ensure that you are protected properly. If your business is held legally responsible for damage or injuries, the right general liability business insurance can save your company from financial ruin.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance Coverage

Laws regarding worker’s compensation have been put into place to protect injured employees financially. Eliminating litigation can help both the employee and the employer as it minimizes risk and provides certain levels of coverage for all parties.

By having worker’s compensation insurance for your business, you’ll be able to pay associated benefits. It is a legal requirement in New York to carry workers compensation insurance if a business has any employees.

If you have questions about business insurance, want help shopping around for the right commercial insurance company for your business needs, we would be happy to help you. Ginsberg Agency serves Nassau County, Suffolk County, and the surrounding area with commercial insurance quotes tailored to your needs.

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